Certificates & Licenses


  • 21-28.01.2011r. AutoCAD 2011 - certificate ECDL
  • 20-21.06.2009r. Certificate - internal system of the quality management according to ISO 9001:2008 on the position " Internal Auditor " - obtained Auditor certificate.
  • 2008 - 2009r. Post-graduate education - Poznan University of Technology (Poland), Department of Computer Science and Managements, Faculty of: "Management of Company Finances in competitive economy "
  • Certificate - Increase the skills training for "Building code - chosen issues"
  • Certificate - professional qualifications, subject: "Building code - chosen issues"
  • 24-28.07.2006 Certificate - "Proficiency of the program Norm Pro" on development of cost estimates
  • 2-3.03.2006 Certificate - professional customer service: "For Advanced Salesmen"
  • 1999.2004 Poznan University of Technology (Poland),Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Specialization program: Electrical Engineering - Systems, Networks and Automatics for Electrical power Engineering graduate with Master of Science Engineer
  • 06.2004 The European Commission: Certificate of participation ”Jean Monnet Project 2002”; European Integration Studies – Economic and Technical Implications for Electrical Power Engineering Sector


  • Building Qualifications without limitation - in the installation speciality in the network, the installation and electrical devices and electrical power engineering
  • Mining Qualifications - junior inspector in electrical specialization - getting regarding mining plants with boreholes petroleum and natural gas
  • Authorised to manage electricity – exploitation E (Up to 30kV and measuring),
  • Authorised to manage electricity – supervision D (Up to 30kV and measuring),
  • International Drivers license (Light vehicles and Motorbikes)
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